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Words from Bishop Simard

APRIL 21 2019

Easter, springtime of God, the world and of the heart!
           After a long and rigorous winter, we are eager to see the arrival of spring with its warmth and its buds. After this Lenten climb, in which we are invited to follow Christ on the path of almsgiving, forgiveness, sharing and prayer, we are happy to celebrate Easter, this central feast of our Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Christ, which announces the springtime of God, our world and our hearts, our faith is in vain.
Easter, springtime of God!  In the resurrected Jesus, we celebrate the victory of life over death, of light over darkness, of love over hate and sin. Beyond the dramas, the catastrophes, the tragedies, despite the malice or human stupidity that kills innocents such as in New Zealand, in spite of the crisis in the larger Church, the resurrected Christ calls us to still believe in Life and in the edification of a better world., a world open to God, united, more fraternal and respectful of creation.
Easter, springtime of the world!  The resurrection of Jesus is the veritable hope of the world. So, what are we waiting for to see the seeds of life and of renewal which are surging in our circle and in the world? On Easter morning, the women ran to the Eleven to announce that they had seen the Lord and that He lived. What are we waiting for to come out of our tombs of indifference, egoism, or fear to run and announce the surprise. that is God, to our brothers and sisters who are searching, who don’t have God as a reference point in their lives, or who are in need of hope for the future? As Pope Francis wrote so well in his Lenten message for 2019, “Unless we tend constantly towards Easter, towards the horizon of the Resurrection, the mentality expressed in the slogans “I want it all and I want it now!” and “Too much is never enough”, gains the upper hand.”
Easter, springtime of the heart!  Welcoming the resurrected Jesus, is to let Him make something new in our lives, our families, our society, and our communities. It is announcing a springtime of the heart to a world that unfortunately gets bogged down in materialism, unrestrained consumption, greed and violence. It is a way to become closer to the sick, the lonely, the excluded and rejected, displaced or in exile because of persecution or hatred; it’s sharing with them our material and spiritual goods. Jesus wants to make something new in their lives and He is counting on us.
In this feast of Easter 2019 and for the months that follow, what will I do? What will you do? And what will we do so that the springtime of God, the world and our hearts arrives?
 To all of you, dear diocesan members, I wish you an Easter full of flowers, full of life, joy, and the love and peace of the Resurrected.
   † Noël Simard
Bishop of Valleyfield

APRIL 2017

April 16 2017
Dear Diocesan Members,
Alleluia! Jesus is risen! He has passed from death to life, from darkness to light!
How do we sing Alleluia and believe in a full and happy life for all our brothers and sisters on this earth? How do we hope for a world of peace and love when we are witnesses to the hate and the violence in so many countries torn apart by war and conflicts, and all the destruction, death, terror and the contempt of human rights that goes with it?
How do we jump for joy before the misery, the famine, the displacement and the migration of entire populations? How do we rejoice before joblessness, depression, broken families, indifference and the ravages against our mother earth?
If we let this sadness overcome us, we risk falling into discouragement or withdrawal. What good would that do? However, everything changes when we open our eyes to all the gestures of mutual aid, of sharing, of forgiveness; of all the projects, here or abroad, that try to help others back on their feet; of all those who lift others up and give of their time, money and energy to build God’s kingdom, a kingdom of life, love, justice and light!
Looking at it this way is catching a glimpse of the victory of Life over death, of Light over darkness, of Love over hate. Is this not the Good News that the Risen Christ brings to us and offers to the world, by our radiance, our witness and our proximity to the little ones and the forgotten ones of the earth!
Yes we can sing Alleluia, providing that we are capable of recognizing Jesus Alive, working among us; providing that we are not looking for him among the dead!
Yes, Alleluia, because I am alive and today, the Risen Jesus gives me the gift of life! Alleluia and thank you to all those who are alive and are signs of the Resurrection!
Happy and Holy Easter to everyone!
† Noël Simard
Bishop of Valleyfield


MARCH 2017






According to Pope Francis, the Church must «step out», that is we must leave our walls to meet those who are on the periphery…


March first is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, a time of conversion and renewal. Is this not a time of privilege «to return to God with all our hearts, to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord… To deepen our spiritual life through the means of sanctification offered us by the Church: fasting, prayer and almsgiving»? (Pope Francis, Message for Lent 2017).


Is it not a favorable time to step out? First of all, stepping out of oneself, stepping out of our bad habits, of our selfish locked-in attitude, of our unbridled search for money and profit, which leads to vanity and pride. Stepping out of oneself to go towards the other, who is a gift to welcome and recognize.  In his message for Lent 2017, Pope Francis comments on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Lk 16:19-31). As he writes so well, «The parable first invites us to open the doors of our heart to others because each person is a gift, whether it be our neighbour or an anonymous pauper».


Yes, during this Lent, let us redouble our efforts to go towards the other, and to open our heart; step out of our comfort zone, of our protected spaces, of our indifference, of our blindness that prevents us from seeing the other; let us overcome the fear of inconveniencing ourselves that we might reach out and sustain those who are in need and to serve Christ through them.


However to step out of ourselves and to go to the other, we must «step out in God», that is, we must let God transform us and bring us from death to life.


Step out then, of our frantic race to stop and draw from the source of life and light that our Lord offers us in prayer and the sacraments.  Step out and join the Christian community, which gathers each Sunday to be nourished by the Word and the Eucharist.


Step out of our dependence on television and the light reading that distracts us, but so often distracts us from the essential… Step out of these distractions to listen to the Word of the Lord, a living force capable of kindling a conversion in our heart and renewing our charity. Pope Francis says it so pertinently: «When we close our heart to the gift of God’s word, we end up closing our heart to the gift of our brothers and sisters.».


Let us profit by this Lent to step out by consecrating some time to prayer and participation in our Sunday celebrations, in welcoming the other through our sharing with those less fortunate and by our generous support of our Lenten Campaigns, as we let ourselves be converted by our Lord.


Enter Lent so that you may arrive at Easter resurrected!



† Noël Simard
Bishop of Valleyfield





Through Jesus, God brings Himself closer to us and manifests His love and His infinite mercy.
The Holy Child, in his vulnerability, tells each and every one of us : « I need you! »
Let us answer Him and open our heart, our house, our family to His coming.
In a tormented and unpredictable world, let us be a reflection of God’s love, and let’s take care of our Earth, of our society, most especially of the children, the weak and the poor, 
of our Christian communities, of our families and of ourselves.
To you and to your loved ones, my best wishes of health, peace, joy and happiness!
May God’s tenderness and mercy guide you all throughout the upcoming year,
and may the Holy Family watch over you!
Merry Christmas!
A Happy and Holy Year 2017 to you !
With my blessing,
             † Noël Simard
Bishop of Valleyfield





MARCH 2016









PASTORAL LETTER about the Sacrament of Forgiveness from Bishop Noel Simard












Having a dismal face, otherwise known as a face halfway through Lent! This is an expression known by many older Maritimers, which means being sad, without vitality, joyless.


In years past, we may have associated Lent too much with privation, penitence and resistance to temptation.

Pope Francis invites us to live this time of Lent, celebrating and experiencing God’s mercy. Isn’t this the time to show the face of mercy?


We start Lent by receiving the ashes. They are placed on our foreheads or on our heads to remind us that God must be at the core of our thoughts; they also touch our hearts to remind us of our fragility, our need for conversion.


Isn’t the challenge of Lent to put our lives back in conformity with the Gospel, to open our hearts to God and to others? Will I make more room for God by rediscovering how much the Lord loves me and by recognizing everything that separates me from Him? Will I give others their place by living fraternally and by sharing?



As a means to do so, the Lord, through His church, offers me His word and prayer, or as Pope Francis would say, the prayerful listening of God’s word. He invites me to cross the threshold of the door of Mercy at Ste Cecile’s Cathedral as a path of conversion. Our Lord also asks us to fast which removes us from our comfortable habits, making us more available to God and to our brothers and sisters. Additionally, we are offered the sacrament of forgiveness to reconcile us with God, and with those we have offended or who have offended us.


In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, may the tenderness, joy and love of God transform our hearts and render us capable to be as merciful as the Father. Let’s accomplish these works of mercy through the concrete and daily acts of feeding, dressing, sheltering, visiting our brothers and sisters in need, but also giving advice, forgiving, praying…


Let’s take advantage of Lent to contemplate the face of Christ, the merciful face of the Father. Let us be that face of mercy, that face of the love and compassion of God.














Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


What will be celebrate on Christmas?  What will 2016 New Year look like?


The year 2015 is almost over and carried with it many tragedies, conflicts and miseries, but also many gestures of solidarity, sharing and support.  One of the goals of the Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis is to bring a message of compassion and mercy to the world.   On Christmas, let us celebrate Jesus our Savior who became one of us to reveal to us the love, the compassion and the mercy of the Father. May the light and the Kindness of the Infant Jesus touch and transform each of our hearts, of our lives and of our families! 


May the Mercy of God fulfill our lives throughout the Year 2016 in order to be apostles of the Mercy of God for our human brothers and sisters, for the poor, the sick ones, the refugees and all those who are abandoned in the margins of the society!  During this Jubilee Year may we cross the Door of Mercy which is in our Cathedral Ste-Cecile.  It will be an expression of our journey of compassion and conversion.


Together, let us make of our families and Christian Communities havens of love and peace, oasis of mercy and unity!


A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Holy New Year!


+ Bishop Noël


















Message from Bishop Noël Simard

















WINTER 2014-2015







SUMMARY of the presentation

by Bishop Simard on the occasion of the meal gathering priests, deacons, pastoral agents and volunteers of the diocese of Valleyfield, January 13, 2015


On the occasion of this fraternal gathering, let us pray first for the victims of the outrageous and horrible acts of terrorism in Paris and in the World, especially in Nigeria; let us pray also for Archbishop Pierre-André Fournier and the diocese of Rimouski in this time of loss and grief.


Thanks to all for your commitment of faith and charity in the Church, in your parish and in the society!  Thanks for taking care of our Christian communities and our human brothers and sisters, especially those who are in need (of material goods, of listening, of love, of happiness.


When we looked at year 2014, we may be sorry for the conflicts, the internal problems and the painful attitudes; but we may be also happy with the beautiful projects and successful events.  Let us ask ourselves if our pastoral commitment was unified and based on our union with God.  If our ministry or pastoral work is reduced to a business, and not realized as a mission or a vocation, it is better to resign.


We are facing many challenges as the closing or the restructuring of parishes, the shortage of priests and committed lay persons, the financing of our pastoral work and buildings.  But the main challenge is to give a missionary impetus or élan to our parishes and Church.  As Pope Francis reminds us, we need not only a new evangelization but rediscovering the missionary dynamism of the Church.  This means simplicity of life, prayer, discernment and trust in the Spirit’s action.  It means also partnership, synodal attitude, true commitment of lay persons and reaching out (aller vers les périphéries) in solidarity, communion and dialogue.




I wish for all health, peace, love, joy and happiness.

I wish our Church, our parishes, our movements to be more missionary; I wish our Catholics to be more missionary-disciples.

I wish our lives and our pastoral work to be founded on a deep union with God; I wish that we will be more rooted in the Word of God and more open to the winds of the Spirit.

I hope that we will work with family and new evangelization as constant background.  I wish we will be more attentive to the person and not only to the norms and rules. And finally I wish on us the benevolence of God  which calls us to be benevolent for each other.  This means good intention and heartfelt words and deeds.  Through the intercession of Mary, our mother, of saints Jean XXIII, Jean Paul II, Marie de l’Incarnation and François de Laval, may the Lord bless you all and fill your hearts with his joy, his peace and his love! 


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We have just launched our financial campaign Friends of the Bishop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and your generous contribution last year.


Our diocesan Church has some great financial and pastoral challenges to overcome and our resources, human as well as financial, are seriously diminishing.


More than ever we are in need of your help, whether it be monetary or with the gift of your time.  Our diocesan Church is waiting for a gesture on your part on the occasion of this Campaign. Let your heart speak!


Thank you and may God bless you!



Your Bishop who is counting on you,

† Noël Simard
Bishop of  Valleyfield

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P.S. A charitable tax receipt for 2014 will be issued for all donations of 25$ or more done before December 31.












Pastoral Letter from Bishop Noel Simard




You want to defend human life and dignity?



Bishop Noël Simard insists that we act quickly ...  [Please, read the document





Bishop's Easter Message


Alleluia He is Alive. He is Risen. I have the joy of announcing to you this message which is at the heart of the Easter feast. And I would love that this joy, this message of hope, reach every family, every home, especially wherever there is more suffering; in the hospitals and in the prisons. I would love this Good news to reach every heart, especially those battered by the loss of their loved ones, by violence, by misunderstanding and by misery. Beyond the chocolates and the eggs, Easter is first and foremost the feast of the risen Christ, the feast of Life, the feast of Love that triumphs over hatred and death. In 2014, let us receive this Life in us. Let us allow this LOVE, this vital force of the risen Christ, to do something new in us. Let us be transformed in order to deal away with our desert of indifference and egoism. Let Easter be the occasion to allow this LIFE to shine out, by committing to do something extra, by, as Pope Francis says “taking care of the other, with love, especially children, the aged, the weak, and those who are often at the margin of our attention”. May Easter, spring of God, be also for us, the occasion to take care and to be keepers of all creatures and the environment in which we live. May our faith in the risen Christ be contagious, and may it propagate the beautiful scent of the resurrection, the scent of the spring of God.

To all, wishing you a joyous Easter, Love, Peace and Life of the Risen. (translated from French version)

Bishop Noel Simard
Bishop of Valleyfield