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Deepening of faith


ADULT FAITH ALIVE PROGRAM (St. Thomas Aquinus Parish)

                                                          IGNITE “Discovering Christ”


“Faith is foremost  a personal, intimate encounter with Jesus . . . It is in this way that we learn to know Him better, to love Him, and to follow Him more and more.”

                                                                  Pope Benedict XVI, October 2009.


Awaken to Christ's love!
Discover why we need the Church!
Be on fire to share your Faith!
Awaken to Christ's love!


Ignite's goal is to stir a passion in you for Jesus!  The program consists of six sessions and held only once a month.  Each session is 90 minutes and has three components:  A welcome prayer, a teaching session and a group discussion.


The sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:00pm in Reid Hall and are as follows:

1.                   The Meaning of Life – October 1, 2014
2.                   The History of the Church – November 12, 2014
3.                   The Bible – December 3, 2014
4.                   Reconciliation and The Eucharist – January 7, 2015
5.                   The Eucharist Fr. Barron video – February 4, 2015
6.                   Encountering Jesus – March 11, 2015


For more information, please contact Grace Machado (450) 424—5102


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