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The Diocese of Valleyfield, like the universal Church, the 20th century saw the development of many associations, brotherhoods and Christian movements . Include the Knights of Columbus and Daughters of Isabella in most dioceses of Quebec, the Catholic Action movements based around the year 1925 , the Teams of Our Lady , 1938 , etc.  Since the Council, the movements have proliferated : Charismatic Renewal , Cursillo , R3  and other youth movements. Depending on the goals , we interact movements of spirituality and evangelization, community engagement and social action movements. Each, according to the charism of its own , seeking to ensure its part of the mission of the Church.

What attracts people to join a movement? The motivations vary according to age , talents , interests and even personal vocation. Some will find a focus on prayer in response to their search for meaning movement , others seek in the study of the Word of God a knowledge of the faith . Some will want to walk more faithfully following Christ in sharing and mutual aid, other brothers and sisters in less fortunate countries.

To be part of a movement is usually a need to live a fraternal experience in a smaller group . Sharing the same faith and becomes a source of motivation and joy. This involvement can often go further personal commitment. For many, a movement becomes a springboard to grow, expand their training and backgrounds, to bear witness and engage more surely in various walks of life . *

* Paragraphs 4,5,6, de la Lettre de l'Assemblée des évêques du Québec:  Les mouvements dans l'Église locale.


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