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██ St-Patrick's Day Parades - Montreal

Dimanche, 19 mars, 2017 - 11:00

Once again this year, OLPH parish will be proudly walking in the Montreal and Chateauguay parades. The Chateauguay Irish Society will help organize the OLPH walkers, with the OLPH banner.

We are trying to arrange for a bus for the Montreal Parade (Sunday, March 19th) which will leave the OLPH parking lot at 11AM. If no bus is available, we will carpool to permit as many walkers as possible to participate.

If you wish to meet us in Montreal, we are usually lined up on Rene Levesque Boulevard near the corner of Drummond. The parade starts at noon and we should start to move around 12:30.

For the Chateauguay Parade (Sunday, March 26th), the line up is on Yvon Street (across from St-Hubert’s BBQ). The parade starts at 1PM.

For more info, look for the posters on bulletin boards or call Eric Brophy 450-692-6689.